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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Glam glow at Chic

I recently got invited to go and visit Chic hair & beauty on Eaton Rd in West Derby to experience a ‘Glam Glow’ facial. I was over the moon as I’d been out drinking on the Friday night and I’m willing to try anything when it comes to hangover cures. On that note, it worked so well that I ended up out on the Saturday night as well. Oops.

Upon entering the busy salon I was led outside through a cute little courtyard to a peaceful room at the back. The whole salon has a really cute, princessy décor. 

Melanie applied the correct Glam Glow type for my skin (there are difference kinds depending on your own skin issues) and left me to relax/snooze off my hangover for 20 minutes while the mask did its work. She explained that it would tingle and it would go dry and hard but still remain wet in certain places which would be where it was drawing the excess oil out of my skin. Afterwards my skin would be ‘glowing’ as it suggests on the tin.

I’m not sure any hung over pallor could ever be described as ‘glowing’ but I certainly looked and felt much fresher once she removed the mask and as promised my make-up did go on really lovely afterwards. Mel offers Glam Glow facials in the shop and she also retails the items to buy for at home use.

Here’s what Mel had to say about how she got into Glam Glow products: I've done hair and beauty for over 15 yrs. now and had the shop just over 4 yrs., I try to get involved in new products and treatments all the time to be able to offer customers the newest things available
I stumbled across 
Glam Glow by a customer asking if I sold it and she said it was fab so naturally I wanted to try it and when I did I was really impressed, not only with what it does but the fact you can do it at home as a simple mud mask, it takes max 30 mins that includes applying and washing off...
What I'm offering is a 30 min facial in the "prinny room"
(Haha) which is comfortable, and relaxing in salon for £20 and the product sold retail at £49.95 to use at home, this includes up to 10 treatments so works out £5 per go”


Scouse Bird