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Monday, 25 November 2013

Lash enhancer drops - Bowden Aesthetics

The best beauty products always crash onto the market with a bit of controversy; as far as I’m concerned it means they actually DO something. Take Botox for example; when that first came out people were in uproar because it’s a derivative of a poison (botulinum toxin which causes botulism food poisoning) but now, nobody bats an eyelid and it’s as acceptable a beauty treatment as going for a curly blow. Bottom line is, it does what it says and it does it quickly.

I recently heard of Lumigan from Bowden Aesthetics, an eye drop solution which when applied to the lash line gives you longer and thicker eyelashes. Having tried semi-permanent lashes and hating them (as they poked me in the eye and tore my natural lashes out) I’m open to an everyday solution to the problem of not being born with ‘primark sultries’ on.

I posted a picture of the drops on Instagram and people started crying that they were dangerous and they are actually Glaucoma eye drops. Yes the original intended use for these eye drops was as a Glaucoma treatment but one of the side effects was found to be that patients grew long, thick eyelashes. The eye drops have now been sanctioned for cosmetic use (which I doubt they would be if they were dangerous).  [ http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bimatoprost ] Elizabeth Arden do a lash serum ‘Prevage’ which retails at £90 and contains pretty much exactly the same ingredients as Bowden’s version, only theirs is half the price at £45.

I’ve been using them for about weeks now and I’ve been getting tons of enquiries about them. Bowden Aesthetics have advised that it can take about 5-6 weeks for the effects to fully start kicking in. I’ve definitely noticed that a few lashes are looking a little longer already and I haven’t even used them every single night due to regular bouts of intoxication, naturally, I am a Scouse bird after all.

Another side effect/coincidence is that I’ve had 4 men recently tell me how beautifully blue my eyes are. I’ve always had unusual blue eyes but this amount of compliments in about a 2 week period is unusual. One of the reported side effects of the drops is that they can make your eye colour deeper. I can’t say I’ve noticed a difference myself so it could just be a coincidence, but an anecdote worth mentioning nonetheless!

Get lashing ladies!


Scouse Bird