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Monday, 25 February 2013

The Spice Lounge Albert Dock

Being a lover of spicy food I often get a hankering for a curry. My boyfriend is a right wimp when it comes to the hot stuff so I decided to take my dad (a kindred spirit on the quest for tongue S&M) out for something to eat at the Spice Lounge on The Albert Dock.
We were sat down immediately even though we turned up early for our booking, lucky really as it got packed later on, on both floors – astonishing for a Tuesday night. We got talking to the manager who explained it’s his good reputation for quality food that ensures he’s always busy. He took the time to talk us through the menu, explaining how they use much healthier and better quality ingredients than your average takeaway joint and made recommendations on what he thought we should try.
I went with chicken and my dad went with lamb, obviously we tried each others (as you do) and the lamb was so tasty! I’m not usually a fan of lamb but it was gorgeous and really spicy.
By the end of the meal we were absolutely stuffed and I had to ask for half of my meal to be packaged up to take away. Wasting food? Ain’t nobody got time fo dat!
The manager caught me admiring the huge chandelier on the way out (I’m like a magpie for anything shiny) and he explained they’re planning on building a new cocktail lounge upstairs in May. Cannot wait. Curry and cocktails? Count me in!