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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Microring hair by Deena

Its been a full 6 weeks now since I ditched the weave an went Microring with my stennies. A part of me was sick of wefts an that chunky feelin in your head, the other part was just curious an wanted what all the celebs were gettin.

I heard mixed reviews beforehand, that they go all matted, they constantly fall out an worse still, they rip your hair out. I don't like the stress weft plaits put on your scalp and I've had the glued bonds which actually do rip your hair out so I was hoping Microrings really were the damage free, pain free extension solution they were claiming to be.

I found them to be fabulous. The fitting took about 2hrs (and I've just had my maintenance which took no more than an hour) and was a 100% pain free experience. There were no chunky plaits, and no extension headaches, yesss. Deena said to expect maybe 1 strand to fall out each week but not a single one fell out. For the first week you're not allowed to put your hair up (to prevent traction apparently....whatever that is), I waited until week 2 to tie it up in a bun and ill be honest, it itched like hell on earth, I wanted to rip my head off. All the little ends of the hair were prickling against my scalp and irritating it. I waited another week before tying my hair in a high style and I was absolutely fine. I asked Deena about this at maintenance and she said Benadryl works an absolute dream for the dreaded extension itch.
She had warned that matting could occur so I had to make sure I regularly brushed it with the special looped extension brush she supplies. I did and again there was absolutely no matting whatsoever.
All the horror stories had been completely unfounded (as long as you care for it right). 

Extension care: You get them maintained (moved) about every 6 weeks but Deena said she's had clients leave it longer. I felt I could have gone longer, it's not like with a weave where it feels scummy when it grows out. 
A special shampoo & conditioner containing no sulphates is advised to keep quality of actual hair.
Extension looped brush is a must!
Deena can supply all of these.

My hair cost: £399

Deena can be found on twitter: www.twitter.com/microringhair 

And on Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/#!/MicroRingHairExtension?id=225673290833802&_rdr