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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Kiehls skincare

I've never really been one for a skincare routine, taking make up off before bed is for grasses I thought. Ain't nobody got time fo dat. However now that I'm officially on the wrong side of 25 (and have been for a couple of years) I thought its high time I get my act together. I've been getting better and better, using my home & bargain baby wipes and my loreal moisturiser but with my recent birthday I thought its high time I graduate to the big leagues. I headed to John Lewis beauty department, I'm so at home with the make up but skincare? So alien and intimidating. I finally stumbled upon the Kiehls stand, it looked so organic and home grown and a lovely lady called Natalie was very helpful.
She asked me about my skin issues (none really, I'm a lucky bitch like that) and recommended a few products. Apparently Cameron Diaz, J-Lo and the almighty Oprah swear by Kiehls. This was sounding good. I stocked up on a few products and here's what I think of them having trialled them for a few weeks.

The midnight rescue oil is amazing. You put a few drops on before bed and your skin feels glorious when you wake up. Recommended.

The acai berry cleanser is the one Cameron Diaz swears by for her acne. I wasn't a fan just because I can't really get on board with foam cleansers. I prefer creams/milks (try the cleanser made by @scousehoney on twitter it's fab). I gave it to my boyfriend though as he has occasional breakouts and he loves it.

The tinted moisturiser which is also supposed to correct skin tone I haven't really given a fair go to yet. You can use it under your foundation but I'm saving it for when I go on holiday. It's got built in SPF.

The overnight peel is amazing. It's like a microdermabrasion/chemical peel in a bottle, you use it once a week overnight and it removes all the dull dead skin from your face. 

The pore reducing amazonian clay mask I LOVE. I use it once a week in the bath and it feels like I'm having a spa treatment. It goes hard. I must say after a few weeks I am definitely happier with the appearance of my pores on my nose and cheeks. I've noticed a real difference when applying make up.

Finally last but not least the rare flower moisturiser. I use the oil at night and this in the morning. It smells divine. It's not watery or dead thick like Nivea (which although is my mums favourite, to me it feels like I've lashed a load of oily sudocrem on my face), it's got a midway consistency which is perfect for me. It's the ideal skin hydration before applying your face.

I also got an eye brightening cream and a fine line filler but I've not really used them yet, still taking baby steps on the skincare routine. My next mission which Natalie made me promise to do was to go in for a facial so they can talk to me more in depth about my skin needs. I WILL! If you need any advice about your skin at all go in and see them in John Lewis in town (Liverpool city centre for the non-scousers). May your pores be ever shrinking!


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