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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Bean bag bazaar

The weather lately has been fantastic for catching a bronzey so I decided to "make hay while the sun shines" and get myself out in the garden on the reggers. 
The only trouble is I've got one of those decking chair things an its not in the slightest bit comfy, all buttons diggin into me and an ordeal every time I wanted to roll over to tan me back.
I started researching alternative solutions!

I found these mazzy outdoor beanbags on bean bag bazaar website and knew it was just the solution I'd been looking for.

That's not me by the way.

I ordered a fetching purple one (around the £60 mark) an it was delivered in like 4 days so I was well happy.

The beanbag came half filled and with an extra bag of stuffing to plump it up. On the directions it said filling it up without having a a bean ball massacre was a 2 person job. 2 people? Wow rub it in that I'm newly single why don't you? All my women who independent throw your hands up at me and attempt this alone.

Inevitably it resulted in a bean ball massacre. Top Scouse bird tip, if you haven't got a mate or fella to hand hire an escort for an hour. Get him to mow the grass with his top off while you're there.

In the end I stuffed the entire refill bag inside the hole (not easy) and pulled out the giant net condom slowly. Voila.

A quick run round with the dyson and the world was good again. Even if I now have a dyson branded snow shaker.

The material is like a tent sort of or thick mac which I suppose is because its an outdoor beanbag. Weatherproof I'm guessing.

It's deffo more comfortable than a recliner. Overall, yes I would recommend.

Pros: comfy
Cons: self assembly is arlarse on single people 

Scouse bird