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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Enrapture hair styling

I first heard of Enrapture last Christmas when I was looking for a decent set of heated rollers. A set would normally set you back around £70 but they were on offer on amazon for about £35; plus who cares, I wasn't buying.

They are the best heated rollers I've ever tried. They heat up in about 2 minutes. Both the roller itself and the clip which secures it are heated so the curl lasts much longer. I normally get up, lash them in first thing in the morning and let them cool while I'm getting ready and then voila, instant curly blow.

That's actually me. Excuse the ham arm it was pre gym.

I decided to try their jumbo waver as I have a little bit of an obsession with "Game of Thrones" hair. I'm sorry but in medieval times there's no way that was people's natural hair. If I let mine dry naturally or even plait it, it's just a frizzy mess. They deffo had one of these.

It's basically a giant crimper. There's a heat dial to control the heat but I just think low heats are for meffs so I turned it up to 11 (This is Spinal Tap reference for the film geeks). Considering my hair is 22" (it's all my own, I bought it) it only took about 20-30 mins to style my whole head. Unfortunately as I'm single now I couldn't get an immediate picture in good light of the results so here's one in poor light which my drunk mate took much later on. Bear in mind I'd been out about 12hrs at this point.

It did look proper gorge like and that's been brushed through a few times so you can see how it held the wave. And I wasn't far off!

Another boss product from Enrapture. They also have an award winning totem styling wand which is deffo on my list to try next!


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